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Please note that the perspective depth of the glass and its illuminating effect cannot be reproduced in the monitor representation. What you can expect is a product designed to create and exude ambience.

Technical details, measurements, and workmanship

Further varieties in design and/or individual wishes for the color shades of wood and steel elements can be taken into consideration. This applies in particular to the coloring and structure of the glass sheets. A dominant basic color in the glass is usually blended with other colors. This produces a more vivid and expressive effect in the glass. Should you prefer glass that is exclusively uniform in color, please specify this with your order.

You can expect an absolutely unique work of art. No one set of glass sheets is like another. Deviations from the examples displayed here are therefore not only to be expected, they are also intentional.

For any other questions or wishes surrounding these topics, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone.