Light sculptures of wood, steel, glass and light make up the art project ShineonHu. Each unique piece carries a symbol connected with issues of peace, humanism, human rights. Quotes that testify to an empathetic heart and common sense or the logos of pioneering projects toward a more humane world might also shimmer through the lights. With the OneDollarGlasses emblem the first project has already been immortalized in a light sculpture. Over time, more varieties of these artworks will gradually appear

The light of LED strips streams into the room through five layers of hand-painted glass. In this way the unique works of art achieve a perspective and yet barely tangible depth – similar to clear amber, fluid magma or cracked ice. The glass layered in a variety of colors creates an inherently singular effect. No set of glass sheets is the same as another, yet all give off a spirited glow and a warm atmosphere.

Although the two-dimensional representation can neither substitute for a direct encounter with these objects of light art nor imitate their sensation of depth, the photos on this website are intended to give at least a first impression.

The walnut frame, available in a variety of colors, holds the glass sheets and a front face and backing of laser-cut black steel. The choice of different colors for the powder-coated or rusted metal surfaces allows for even more individual wishes. In addition, the fronts and backings will soon be offered in walnut. Because the light is delivered through LED strips (12 volt/24 watt), the objects of art are free of heat development no matter how long their light is on. On request, the art works can also be crafted with RGB multi-color LED-strips or with different varieties of wood.

On the backing of each piece is a tracing of the Happy Human, the international symbol of humanism. Inserted below it is a USB-drive that contains a collection of links compiled to draw attention to the basic principles of human co-existence and point out important projects and ideas.